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TEXT TOPIC: How did you meet your spouse?

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Met my significant other on Tinder but didn't work. Fast forward 6 years and we reconnected on Facebook. Never been happier

Met my partner off, he was the first guy I went on a date with as I was exploring my sexuality. I was stressed and almost canceled the date but 6 years later we're still together and engaged.

I met my SO about 14 yrs ago at Port O'Call. He was the only one on the dance floor dancing. It was love at first sight! 😍

Would have met my hubby 2-3 months earlier on Match but I deleted him. Met him instead thru a blind date arranged by my new coworker. Married 17 yrs Oct 29

My guy was set up with my sister and dated her first. He thought I was her mom when he came to pick her up. We've been together 30 years now.

My hubby and I met from his ex wife, who I worked with. Her and I worked at a gymnastic gym where our kids went, so I knew of him but we never really had talked to each other. His ex wife told him he should ask me out. We have now been married almost 12 years.

Met my hubby in high school, he lived in my best friends neighborhood. Our first date we saw Shrek in theaters and got pulled over for speeding😂. 18 years together, 13 years married, 2 beautiful girls and 2 dogs later we are still madly in love!

I met my husband on plenty of fish dating app

This is Christina in Washington, my spouse lived next to my grandma(in SLC) when we were 5 our moms became friends. My family lived in California then moved to Salt Lake his family moved back and forth to Idaho. Fast forward when we were early teens started hanging out at that point I knew he was my soul mate however we broke up I dated someone else and had a baby at 16 we got back together after my daughter was about 10 months old got married right after we both turned 18 Fast forward celebrated our 30th Anv. This year we have 4 beautiful daughters and grand baby # 12 due in January.

Downloaded tinder, matched with wifey, went on a date and deleted the app less than 24 hrs Ltr. Now married 7 yrs, just had 1st baby a week ago.

Known each other since elementary, best friends since 8th grade, finally told each other how we felt, married now. Love of my life. Sorry can't call in.

Met hubby at a friend's house. He kept staring at me, and I thought wtf is he looking at?! Asked me out the next day. Been together for 22yrs, married for 18.

Met my husband on Adultfriendfinders .com. I had a basic profile on there because I wanted to look at free porn. My husband "claims" he was on there to find someone other than the "basic Utah girl". We have been married since 2008 and have two children.

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