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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Decorative pumpkins filled with Halloween candy

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To all the parents please let your kids know that when the lights are turned off in a house on Halloween they are not home. I saw so many going to those house and waiting.

To the parent of the child in my classroom: here's a book on boundaries and a home school website. ;) Also, I'm feeling cold so I'm going to put a jacket on. Whooodathought.

Please stop blocking your mailboxes. You can get a parking ticket, if it continues they can force you to get a PO Box, overall it's just rude. We need 15 feet in both directions from the mailbox to safely deliver. with the snow coming our vehicles can slide as we're trying to pull in to the mailboxes.

I get that you think I've usurped your position. But please stop trying to do everything in your power to drive a wedge between my husband (your son) and I. I'm so tired of fighting over your fabricated lies of mistreatment on my part. Apparently you don't realize that if our relationship fails, he's already agreed to give me full custody of our son. So jokes on you. Keep it up, destroy everything, and you'll never see him again. Your choice.

Teenage trick or treaters that are probably too old to trick or treat AND THEY DON'T EVEN DRESS UP IN COSTUME! Yes I gave them candy but I wanted to tell them to get off my porch and go buy your own candy.

Young teenage punk boys...if you MUST take all the candy, please don't flip of my doorbell and yell the f word over and over. You scared my 9 year old son and I had to sleep on the couch with him last night.

Taking passive aggressive further on Halloween I expect you to take the entire candy bowl I don't expect you to take the actual bowl. So to whoever took my candy bowl you're rude

Parents need to remind kids, when trick'or treating, ONLY go to houses with the porch light on!!!!!!!

If I'm driving and it's dark and you think it's okay to be riding my butt even though I'm already going 5 miles over, you best believe I'm just going to slow down because I don't know if you are a cop trying to get me to go faster just to pull me over.

If you don't want all the candy taken do leave out a full bowl. Hand it out!! Kids are kids. Better than doing drugs or drinking.

How about we stop coming after kids being KIDS! They're not home and on their phones they're out being kids which is so unusual these days!

Last night I let a lot of kids take 2 candy bars but to the kids that looked at the snickers in the bowl and asked "is this it" you're lucky you got 1.

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