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TEXT TOPIC: You're older than your's that going?

Awkward word concept.

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My grandfather is as 91 and married a 57 year old woman.

More about the gpa 91 and 57yo bride. My uncle was 59. My mother passed at 66 a few years earlier. Her youngest daughter was 21 at the time and called my grandpa "dad". She became my aunt. I'm 30 years older---Financial details with 91yo GPA/57yo wife. He wanted her taken care of and now his children help her with $$$ and some living expenses, with GPA passed away. It's a very tricky family dynamic

When I was 16, my 40 yr old dad married a 25 year old... she was 9 Years older than me and only 5 years older than my brother. There's a golden age of being a daughter in law or step mom lol

My father in law is married to his daughters (my sister in law) ex best friend. She try's to get my kids to call her grandma. I love teasing my husband by saying "your step mom" .. also she played Bunco with me once. And it was so awkward trying to explain the situation.

After my husband and I divorced he started dating a stripper that was 2 years older than our kids (23) they were together for 2 years. When we went places it was assumed she was our daughter : D

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