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TEXT TOPIC: You lent someone money and got burned!

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Just tuned in to this topic and all that comes to mind is, seriously people, have y'all ever watched Judge Judy? When you lend money to friends or family you have to think of it as a gift. Or make a paper contract.

When we were first married we didn't have a lot of money. My brother and sister in-law said they were about to have their car repo'd. We gave them most of what savings we we had. Three weeks later they took a trip to Disneyland. Never paid it back.

I let my cousin borrow 1k over a year ago so he can keep his new car he had just bought. It was either that or to put my sister down on the loan. My sister was willing to do it but I told her it would be better to just lend him the money. He paid some, still waiting on the rest. Never again.

I lent my credit 2 my niece (signed 4 a car loan), w/understanding she'd take it over in a yr, it's been 2. Now I can't get my kids cars, my credit is tapped out.

Lent a Friend $2000 to hire a divorce attorney, but 10 years later she's still married to the same guy. Where is my 2000 bucks?

Last week I told my mom i still her $600. She asked me why and what for! She said she forgot! I told her thats always on my mind!

I've borrowed a lot of money to my family over the years with none of them even attempting to pay back. The biggest one that gets me is when my ex husband will ask me to borrow money and he will pay me back. I say no tell ge tells me its to buy food for the kids so I give in. When I ask for it back I get told you get enough in child support you don't need it back. I won't stop only cause I don't want to see my boys without while they visit him.

Not cool bro, listen to the rest on the Frankie and Jess Podcast!

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