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Let's Lend a Helping Hand!

My dearest friend (Army Vet) has been busting his tail!! This is my friend's little brother; John. 

They both are kick a** servers, and my friend has been working double shifts to pay his I own bills AND his brother's (HUGE Shout out to DREW at the Taylorsville Texas Roadhouse ❤🤍💙 Sunday-Wednesday normally) medical expenses.......

I worked with Drew to help stock his apartment with some food. It's been a slow process but the turtle 🐢 won the race 🏁 right??

My friend has his own medical issues and is still doing what he can to make sure his little brother is taken care of.....

Please help me to help my dear friend...... I love you guys ♡♡ so much♡♡

Feel free to pop in for a mouth watering steak or ribs 😋........ their steak salad is also just as delicious 😋 (ask for his section by name♡)

Donate if you can! Let's help these brothers out! 

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