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TEXT TOPIC: You were surprised when an older person said what to you.

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My daughter is doing the CNA program in high school. During her clinicals she was feeding this old man and he asked if he could touch her pu$$. She was mortified!!

A guy came into a previous office I was working at. He was asking about my life. I told him I was a mom. He said "oh so you're married?" I said "no, not married." He responded with, "Okay, divorced." I said "nope we weren't married" ... he looked at me and said "Well did you repent for that?" Still the most shocking thing anyone has ever said to me.

Worked with dementia elderly, while getting a man ready for bed took off his shirt and he told me to take mine off too

My husbands grandpa Jimmy started a Jimmy's floral. As he got older he had no filter. All the designers would do a morning run to maverick for a soda run. They would put all their large cups in a box. As the runner stumbled out of the store Jimmy said, "let's just start calling this place Jimmy's Fat Shop". He was 98

In an elevator with an older gentleman, really old..."Woowee, Did you shut your pants, boy or was it me? Oh, it was me! Damnit!" I didn't know what to say and definitely hesitated in giving assistance. He made it to his car though

My adopted moms moms told me she could tell I was adopted cause I looked nothing like my mom. Never called that lady grandma ever again and never talked to her again.

Mom was putting on her makeup and said. "Well dang it, I put on my wrinkle remover but it didn't work"

My grandpa asked me if I speak The Mexican um no grandpa I don't speak Spanish I would love to though

On my 2nd date with my now husband he took me to a holiday family dinner of 30 people. First thing his grandpa said he is the last of his name and expects him to have lots of children so I need to be prepared

These stories had us ROLLING! You've got to hear the rest on today's episode of Frankie and Jess!

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