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TEXT TOPIC: You were cheated on, how did you find out?

Disloyal cheater boyfriend caught by girlfriend

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I found out my husband was cheating on me when his hooker showed up at my work to tell me!

Phone bill. Got her number and warned her about him. He lost both of us. Not even sad about it.

His friend called me and blurted out "he slept with --- you had to know" and hung up

I was suspicious, and he ended up leaving computer on and screen saver didn't come up. I went through his emails. There were pics of them on places he and I had gone to. He met her b/c she was sex worker on Backdoor site.

I actually just found out this morning at 3:15 in the morning that my wife been cheating. Caught her on the FEELD app (for open marriages-which we are NOT in). I just laid there quietly watching what she was texting and what she was texting and just made "sleeping noises" I she thought I was asleep. When I turned over she put the phone down and acted as if she was sleeping. When I got up at 4:15 she had acted as if she had Been asleep the whole time. BUT I KNOW!

I found out my bf was cheating with my roommate after he seemed a little off and I asked him what was wrong. He text me back and said "maybe I'm cheating on you". He told me everything, she lied.

How did I know he was cheating....she lived across the street he was in our yard she was in her yard I was looking out the window and saw the look they gave each other I knew right then he had been cheating on me

I found out I was being cheated on when my "friends" told me. Gotta say as friends you have to pick a side if you know. And if you know and don't tell your friend what's happening don't think you'll remain that persons friend. Being a friend takes courage!!

My ex husband came home with scratches on his back and that when I found out. He ended up marring her and now he's divorced again. Lol

Found out when his new girlfriend had a baby 9 months after our daughter was born.

I was helping my friend over the phone locating where the picture app was on Mac. I was on my husbands computer and when I opened the app there was a half naked pic of a girl he took two days prior, they had been having an affair 7 years

The affair was busted because she entered a girls name in her phone I had seen some messages and thought she was sexting another woman One day when she was in the shower I called the number and a man answered the voice on the other end was a man and the voice of one of my friends. We were all friends I called the husband back that night from my phone and said I knew and you have 24 hours to tell your wife

I found out my ex husband was cheating on me by his "friends" husband and I gave him an other chance because we had a family. And than every few months I'd find out about an other girl reaching out to me. The last time my good friend saw him at Scheels with a girl and he DENIED it and his phone pinned him there and he still denied it. Thankful I divorced that cereal cheater.

Found out ex was cheating when one of my kids friends overheard a convo saying that the other woman was pregnant and I didn't know..

Found out I was being cheated on by walking in on a conversation on the phone about fantasies

My husband had been chatting with a girl on TikTok for months. My oldest daughter accidentally opened his TikTok on our iPad thinking it was hers saw hid explicit chats with this girl. She quickly showed me in tears. Worst moment of my life.

Four months after I had my son my son's dad called me and told me he just had another baby. So that solidified a lot of the sneaking around! A hole

At my 30th birthday party. My walked in on my best friend and my husband downstairs in our cold storage. They were in the middle of getting it on. She was my best friend of 15 years and it had been going on for a year. And I had no idea.

I was bringing my newborn daughter home from the hospital and my bf's side chick was sneaking out the back door.

My ex accidentally forwarded her entire email box to me. They included pictures, risqué messages and hotel reservations

I also found out my wife was cheating, i was an over the road trucker. Called her one night. She yawned and said she was tired. Didn't hang phone up and went back to having sex with another man.

These stories are INSANE. Hear the rest on today's episode of Frankie and Jess!

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