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TEXT TOPIC: What do you spend too much money on?

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Starbucks! $12.34, every, freaking. day.

I spend way to much money on Amazon orders! Dahhh

I spend too much money eating out. But I haaaaaate cooking. :(

Dutch Bro's. I spend way too much money on coffee at Dutch Bros.

I spend too much money on concerts ! i just can help, there are too many good shows that pass through slc

I know i would throw up if i added up all the money I've spent on soda drinks. Fiiz, swig, twisted sugar

I spend to much money on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Anytime I go to any type of store I'm overspending.

Groceries cost me a fortune! I eat a very clean and organic diet so that stuff is super pricey!

I am with Producer Tia! My record is 60 candles

I waste to much money on my 15year old son and his nonsense

The rest of these are so funny!

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