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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Texting and driving wreck hitting pedestrian

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Don't lecture someone about "respect" when you're the one that hangs up on people and walks away in the middle of the convo. Ya ass!

Don't put your jacket, water bottle and keys on the stair climber next to you. You don't need to take up 3 climbers to maintain your bubble. You're in the gym. There is no bubble!!!

If you volunteer to come on a work trip you still have to work. It's not a vacation. Pull your weight.

Hey boyfriend, I refuse to be kept hidden because you're afraid of what your parents will think because I'm black. It's ridiculous that you're afraid of your mom. You're 37. I deserve better than this.

My passive aggressive Tuesday is people who text and drive. I saw it 3 times driving home yesterday and swerving cars just aren't safe. Please please don't do it. My family member lost her spouse to it. It can wait.

Quit pretending to be the victim, no one believes you and you only end up looking pathetic and no one feels bad for you. You are the problem! Grow up!

To those who put their luggage in the seat next to them at the airport so there are no seats. Y'all are monsters.

Work colleague, <holding it together> what is going through your mind when you pop a zit and EAT IT in the workplace bathroom or any bathroom?!? That is so sick and disgusting.

STOP blocking the intersection! We all get our turn to go, so wait and take hours when it's time. Don't block it so no one can go! Roy 5600 is the worst area for this!

Hey "friend" trying to reconnect with me by inviting me to a party via word of mouth isn't going to fix all the things you did & said to make my life horrible. Hope you had fun... NOT

Passive Aggressive Tuesday: Everything is so expensive now

This is just my opinion but I wish people would stop doing the pay it forward at drive throughs. It makes me feel obligated to do the same thing. I get it's a nice gesture but there are other ways to make peoples days without making them feel like they have to do something that they may not be able to do.


to the men on riverdale yard sale FB page, thanks for being trolls on my vehicle for sale post, loved all your comments, being none of you knew the situation of the vehicle but your "I know everything" attitude proved only that your all beep holes.

Don't tell me I'm giving U the silent treatment when we barely talk a couple X's a week. Then you bash my bf U have never met & talk behind my back.

PAT: to the jerk who spit on the pin pad at the gas station! come on! you nasty!

To the semi heading north on I15 this morning, license plate number 8G6FN, if you can't keep your foot on the break during traffic then get off the road. You're hella lucky I was paying attention and the car behind me left enough room for me to reverse out of your way while your truck backed several yards. I should've let you hit me.

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