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Weekend Check-In!

Touchdown Run

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Had a great weekend. We worked the snow west snow show at the mountain America expo center. I could sleep for another week

Got married in Bear Lake!

We had Special Olympics Fall Games for soccer

My weekend was spent at the lds hospital. Shout out to the nurses here they're so amazing taking care of my mom

Usana Amphitheater last Saturday, I handed out wristbands to beer drinkers.

4 days of because of UEA. Got the covid booster and flue shot. Spend the entire time in bed. Dumpster fire

Busy weekend for us! Sat we had 2 bball games (we coach 2 JrJazz teams) then ended the season w/ a pizza party. Yesterday we explored and went nearly 100 miles on the Pony Express Historic Trail dirt road, went to Dugway Geode Beds where we chased lizards and dug in the dirt...geodes was a total bust as we had no idea what we were doing or looking for, lol, then wandered off the road through the cutest little canyon/town Ophir. The weather was perfect!

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