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TEXT TOPIC: Team Tom or Team Gisele?

Super Bowl LV

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Team Giselle. She has supported him all along. They had an agreement and he broke it

Team G! He's not the first football player to retire. And he had announced his retirement then changes his mind a very short time later. And think about the kids missing their dad!

Tom is one of those rare guys who will retire to spend less time with his family.

Team Gisele because Tom has been trash this year!!

Team Giselle, Tom has clearly shown what he loves most.

Team Brady. While it might be "time" for him to retire, she knew his schedule before she was with him, before they had kids. Military families deal with a parent being way for years at a time. Half a year doesn't seem too hard.

As someone who has lost both their parents I am team Gisele. Spend time as a family before it's gone. You NEVER get time back.

Come on...nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors! Maybe Gisele is some raving Angelina type! Maybe there is a reason he doesn't want to be home! 🤔 it'll come out eventually or Tom will take the high road like he had been and stay quiet for the kids sake!

So did Tom tell Geisel to give up her career? I don't think so! I think there is so much more we don't know helping lead them to divorce. Maybe Tom wants a cheeseburger

My husband says he's team Giselle, because Tom has cheated enough and he's not going to be the center of attention anymore

I'm also team Giselle because a career is not worth a marriage. WTHeck?! Quit being selfish Tom! Giselle is a model! Go home, be with your family

Tom Brady needs to Grow a Pair, Grow Up and start acting like a man instead of an entitled little Teenage Boy who can't make his mind up on what he wants. Take some action and think of your Family instead of being SELFISH!!!!!

Team Tom, I have heard from a very reliable source that was on a set with Tom one time, and Gisele was there that Gisele was not very supportive, and not very nice to him or in that situation… She seems like she's being greedy, let him live out his dream. If the tables were turned, she would want him to do the same for her.

Team Tom, when he's done he can't go back. And Jess, Giselle gave up modeling? How is she making 30-40 million a yr? People that compare them to normal couples are crazy.

Some of these are good reasons! Catch up on the rest on the Frankie and Jess Podcast!

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