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TEXT TOPIC: Your kids learned the hard way because they didn't listen.

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I always tell my kids don’t run in flip flops and slides. My daughter decided not to listen and she slipped in her slides while running in the rain and broke her foot.

My son learned the hard way by joining the Marines, he told me last week "MOM I should of listened to you and joined the Reserves" I wish he would have so he could have stayed at home, however he is so proud to be a US Marine so is his mama! Just a hard four year lesson to learn!! Always listen to your mama!!

My daughter broke her tibia and fibula after telling her numerous times to stop jumping off the backrest of the couch or she will get really hurt. Ironically she was watching no more monkeys jumping off the bed. You think the memo would get across but it looked more like fun to her.

When I was about six years old I was told not to touch the hot iron while my aunt was ironing. High specifically did not listen to her and went and put my head flat on the iron and had second-degree burns and had to go to the hospital. Needless to say I felt really stupid

My son sticks things in his ears and up his nose constantly. I've told him so many times not to do it. Stuck a popcorn kernel in his ear really far. It's organic matter so it absorbed the moisture in his ear and expanded. Had to get it surgically removed.

My brother learned the hard way. My mom kept telling him not to lose his shoes, she didn't have time in the morning to look for them. He was about 4 wearing my dress shoes to preschool, crying all the way.

While teaching my son how to ride a bike, my daughter/big sis was showing off on her bike. We told her not to...2 minutes later hubby stayed with son, I took her get SIX stitches in her chin. Helmets are great, but we had to add chin guards for my girl.

Kept telling our kids to put their scooter and bikes away in the garage or back yard every night in the summer. Of course my son didn't and so his bike was stolen.

So my 10 year old absolutely hates helping to clean, it's like pulling teeth getting him to actually help with out being lazy. Yesterday he was told to clean his room in the morning and at 7 last night I was arguing with him about why he was sitting down to pick up a Lego and go put it away. of course argues and I walk out telling him to stop sitting down while he is cleaning. 5 min later he came screaming out of his room because he had fully sat on a thumbtack. He learned karmas and bitch and listen to your mom!!

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