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TEXT TOPIC: Was the genealogy test a good thing or a bad thing?

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About the genealogy. I did the ancestry that as gifted to me. I have tracked family down to the 1600's, found our family seal, visited old cemeteries with family members and the best part is my mom gave gave a baby up for adoption at a very young age. Thanks to ancestry she (sis) reached out to me and she got to meet her biological mother and the rest of us siblings. It was an open adoption but her family never pursued trying to find my mom. My new sister is now 43 yrs old. So genealogy was definitely worth it!

My family genealogy BLEW up our reality. Found out my littlest sister is a half sister. Then my mom had to reveal she gave a baby up for adoption before any of the 5 girls were born

Through genealogy it was discovered that my dad and uncle have a half brother. My grandpa died when my dad was 2 and 1/2 and my uncle was 5 months. The brother is between them. My mom said never tell my uncle, because he would have a fit.

I know someone who did a 23&me, their results came back their dad wasn't their dad BUT the moms infertility doctor was the dad. He did this to tons of patients inseminating them with his own sperm. She has half brothers & sisters she's met since. This was back in the 70's but she just found out a couple years ago.

Friends family found out grandma put a baby up for adoption! Grandma straight took it to the grave!

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