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This is a GREAT Cause!

Hello everyone,

My name is Leyton Kane. I’m 22–years-old and I just returned from my one week volunteer trip in a small town called Frankadua in Ghana! It was one of the best experiences of my life. For one week, I taught at the children’s school, bandaged wounds in the community, and attended and helped with the soccer team and with the Frankadua Community Band!! The Community band is so talented! There are a lot of band members, but not enough instruments. Music is an outlet for many of these children and they need more instruments so that everyone can participate in band practices!! They currently share instruments and not everyone can participate during practice because of this.

My initial goal for this fundraiser was to raise $1,000, which is enough to buy them 6 NEW INSTRUMENTS over there!! ❤️ 1,000 US dollars goes much further in Ghana! My new goal for this fundraiser is to reach as many people as possible to share this fundraiser, and to get as many donations as possible for these kids! 😊

I am in contact with the local volunteer staff in Ghana through International Volunteer Headquarters to ensure that all of the donations reach their appropriate destination in Frankadua! ☺️

If you are unable to donate, all I ask if that you share this fundraiser and tell your friends and family about it! Again, I want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who continues to be on this journey with me and who has donated to or shared this fundraiser!

Donate if you can!! This is a great cause!

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