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TEXT TOPIC: What was the last thing you and your partner fought about?

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The last fight we had was about him refusing to set boundaries with his mother and telling her to stay in her lane. She is rude, controlling & disrespectful. She doesn't like me because I won't let her control or manipulate me.

We fought about me working too much. He went several days without speaking to me and I almost canceled our expensive vacation because of our fight. I told him that I wasn't about to go ANYWHERE with him. He finally broke and spoke to me and we're all good now.

The last fight we got in was a couple nights ago when I didn't want to *sleep* with him after he cheated on me. He told me he will unalive himself if I don't. I didn't, he's still here.

Last fight was because I forgot to take my anti-anxiety meds for a few days and was feeling more emotional for no reason and then he asked me if I had been taking my meds and it hurt my feelings but it was true lol.

The last fight my husband and I had was 2 days ago we've been together 21 years and we were still sleeping on the bed that we had purchased when we got married so I decided to go ahead and update our bed and get us a nice memory foam and he was so upset and so attached to that bed that I was just dumbfounded at how he could possibly be so upset so needless to say I did get my way to get the new bed but the other bed is now downstairs setup just so that he can sleep on it if he wants to sometimes I don't understand but if it makes him happy and I get a new bed then I'm all right with that but he probably will never sleep on it because he cannot sleep unless he knows I'm sleeping LOL marriage fun stuff

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