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TEXT TOPIC: What are you looking forward to?

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I graduate nursing school in 66 days!

Going on an "official" vacation at the end of this month! 5 days in Disney's Aulani resort on Oahu with the hubs and kids. Sooooo excited, can't wait!!!

I'm looking forward to having gastric bypass on Monday . I can't wait for the healthy to live her life and so grateful for this tool

I am having a tummy tuck so I'm super excited but I'm extremely nervous if you could send prayers up I would really appreciate it

But I'm super excited for my two week vacation to Scotland I get to tour all over the country and I'm so excited and April can't come soon enough!

Trip to Colorado for mountain biking and the rufus del sol concert at the red rocks

Hubby & I taking our first cruise ever to the Bahamas in 30 day.

Getting married in 46 days!

Hey Jess it's Emily Valdez 😘 I look forward to hearing you guys every morning!! 💜💙 I'm also looking forward to my house being built! Then we're going on the Western Caribbean cruise, we leave on Sat 10/22! Love you guys tons!!!

Looking forward to our cross-country trip! Driving to South Carolina in November - our dog needs to see her best friend, we get to see a really good family friend,s my son gets driving hours, we get to check off more states!

Excited for Fall break. 6 days of no teaching!

So much to look forward to in the next month. Baby sis having her first baby after fertility issues and a week off making chocolates for Christmas with family.

Good morning all! I'm looking forward to this weekend because my gf, bro and I are doing a haunted tour in Ogden! Hopefully it's a creepy and fun tour

Looking forward to going to Hawaii for the first time. We are leaving in two days! Can't wait

My niece is dancing in Thriller this weekend as one of the Chucky dolls. Can’t wait to see her dance

We are going to Texas next Saturday to see my first grandbaby that was just born. So excited!

Listening to you guys on a daily from Seattle &picking up my new Toyota Camry TRD

Looking forward to going and see Thriller in Tuacahn at the end of the month with my friend and my childhood friend is driving up from Vegas to come with us.

Flying to Kentucky for 8 days the week of Thanksgiving to visit our daughter and her cute family! It's SO beautiful there!

Looking forward to my 45 birthday next Tuesday on the 18th. Love you guys Reed Arthur

Looking forward to when we were young festival in Vegas in 2 wks! It also happens to be my bday wknd

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