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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Mailbox on a Flooded Street in a Midwestern Town

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Stop making lame excuses for the fact that you just aren't doing your job! You blame it on training but I'm the one who trained you and I know you've been taught multiple times. Do the job you get paid for.

People need to respect each other's boundaries when you says no don't keep bugging them over and over until they get their way !! no means no. This even means children respect their boundaries.

To the teenagers who threw water on my windshield by the Trax station, what on earth were you doing?! Please don't do it again

I'm sorry but spending all our money on steroids, leaving us $11 in the account is NOT what a responsible person does. How we gonna feed the kids?! Responsible my butt.

Come on people if you are going to drive learn right of way. 4 way stops are the worst.

my boss insists that we can't work from home and our job is in office except he works from home... In Boston. Double standard much?

Veronica quit complaining about what other people do when you do the exact same thing. You're lazy, slow, and talk too much!

My Dr has a new staff & they ask for ins card, ID, & the 12 pgs filled out every time. NO MY INSURANCE HASN'T CHANGED from 2 wks ago or the 2 wks prior🤬everyone in line is so ticked.

please STOP blocking your mailbox, with your cars, trash cans, or junk. I don't go to your work and move your keyboard to the cubicle next to you. It's so annoying.

CANDY APPLES. How come nobody in the Salt Lake Valley sell the Red candy apples, not caramel not chocolate and not the ones at Walmart.

Dear not morning people drivers . Yellow lights mean prepare to stop and red means stop not hit the gas pedal . Some of us are trying to cross children safely and trying to survive the day . Please drive safely for Pete's sake

Parents stop passing the school bus when they're unloading an loading kid 1 it's illegal and 2 you're gonna hurt somebody. you being 1 minute late is not worth a child's life

Men don't ask to go out on dates if you plan on ghosting them. Just be an adult and say you changed your mind or not interested vs asking to go out. Hate dating

when someone puts their signal on, stop speeding up just let them over. Also on Mtn view corridor, left lane is for passing, stop lingering in the left lane people!

Part 1 I have a short list, haha 😂 I blame the Aries full moon. Jk. Kinda. 1) To the ppl who like to team message about an email we've both received, asking if I read it.. then proceed to review the information in the email via teams messenger... Stopppp! It's redundant and unnecessary. Especially when we both just received the same email less than 1 min ago. Part 2 2) To the ppl who like to chime in on a conversation they were not a part of... again, please, stop! Once in a while is okay but 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 damn 👏🏻 time!! No! I Ordered some new jewelry from a thriving local business, and it's been over two weeks with no order update. The status says "unfulfilled." I've attempted to reach out on Insta and their customer service emails and repeated.. No response. A simple reply, such as, "we're swapped and working on your order." It is all I need, nothing much. Just asking for a response. .... End rant, eshhh!

Someone came in our yard and stole our skeletons. Like why? My 4 year old son helped paint them and he is heartbroken. I hope you hear this and return them.

I have 5 kids in the same school and all of their teachers use different platforms for communication. I hate it!

To the people/company that just bought my apt building and is kicking everyone out to flip the apts. and charge more you suck! Ridiculous what's happening in SLC? Wish we had a mayor to look after this and fight for the people.

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