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TEXT TOPIC: Who Screwed Up Your Wedding Day?

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My now ex husband sister pulled her kids out of our wedding line because my dad accidentally put the name on the envelope wrong for her sister. So we were replacing people the night before the wedding it was so stressful I have never spoken to that sister again!

I had a large group of former CO workers that came to my wedding. They decided to all go in together on a gift, Gave all their money to a girl that hated my guts. So she pocketed the money and didn't even get me so much as a card. I found out later they collected almost $300

A friend of ours agreed to marry us. He got his online license and we paid for his tux rental. The MORNING of our wedding, he called to say he wasn't prepared. My husband found a toothless hillbilly on ksl to do it last minute. Been married 7 years! Love you Ian!

My sister was supposed to do my hair but decided she was too tired and went back to bed so I had to go to my sister in law to do my hair. When I got home my mom left without me. She was my ride to the wedding my family sucks.

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