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TEXT TOPIC: Where were you ban from and why?

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Last year I was banned from stepping foot on the school district campus for 6 months. I am a parent and got in a fight

When I was in high school our dance team was banned from the Hilton because girls were running around being loud after curfew with thongs on their head and doing other things. I can't remember. But than those girls couldn't perform in homecoming. Lol

Friends got banned from Walmart. We have a mutual friend with the last name of Baum (pronounced bomb). Baum ran off into the store and friends couldn't find him. Naturally friends started running around looking for him yelling ' Baum! Baum!' So all anyone knew was a bunch of teenagers were running through the store yelling about a bomb. Management was not amused or sympathetic after they tried to explain. Cops were called and friends were perma banned.

Almost banned from Disneyland! [You have got to hear this story on today's episode! -Producer Tia]

Banned- not me- but my brother and his friend got his middle school banned from the Clark Planetarium. They thought it was a good idea to grab the pendulum that swings in the middle. They were asked not to come back

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