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TEXT TOPIC: HOA Horror Stories

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I was apart of that same HOA as that caller. The builders did shoddy work on tons of town home units. Ours included. We were able to sell back in February 2016 when things were starting to look like they were going to be a mess. We put in our notes as we were selling our home, "HOA is in a pending law suit. You may reach out to them for further information". They still purchased our home (thank goodness we were able to get out) but then 2 years later the buyers tried to sue us saying we didn't disclose this information. We won. They didn't do their due diligence. But we did disclose it.

Dear HOA, if you are listening, you are a horrible hoa collections manager, and an even worse person. Karma is a biotch, you'll get yours, loser.

I also have to pay two HOA fees one for my community 55+ , I have to pay for the reg community. I pay $423 a month for both of them 😱 And they said they're going to up it even more before the end of the year.

We lived in an apartment complex for almost 3 years the first holidays.. two days after each holiday would get a notice stating we had 48 hours to removed holiday decor to avoid a fee of 50 a day. I just stopped doing outside décor

I lived in a condo for 3 years. Part of our fee went to a hot tub/sauna room that was broken/never in use the entire time we lived there. Just a junk room.

I got in trouble for putting extra wood on my fence. Also I got in trouble for putting pavers down in my backyard, and rocks around my yard they made me remove them all. Yet I walk around the neighborhood and see everybody else doing it.

Our HOA decided to repaint the doors to our townhomes. They are black, but the HOA presidents wife decided that mustard yellow and magenta would be better***forced him to change that decision and paint them black. He never liked me after that. Oh by the way, my husband is now HOA President. No more stupid decisions.

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