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What's on Your Radar Wednesday

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Criminal podcast

Sun Kisst Salon -West Jordan

Prime IV Hydration and Wellness -All over the valley – multiple locations

Meat Hook BBQ Company -West valley

In The Dark on Netflix. It's about a chick that's blind that gets herself mixed up in all sorts of trouble. 4 seasons & I've watched 3 in 3 weeks. So good

really into the public library. Tons of book options and events for the community.

Blox Dessert Bars in Saratoga Springs!

The Dropout on Hulu, it's about the Theranos fraud scandal situation and Elizabeth Holmes it's seriously amazing everyone should watch it

Buscadero motorcycles are now taking pre pre orders!!!! They are vintage motorcycles and they are so cool!

On my radar is the salty hippo store. They just announced they are selling extra long neckties and those are super hard to find. I'm pretty tall so I prefer the longer ties so I'm pumped somewhere local has them.

A Court of a Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

On my radar: the Utah Football Fans Podcast. They make me laugh every week

I know I'm way behind everyone on stranger things. I've been into that a lot with my 9-year-old boy austin. It is is favorite ShowHe got to meet the character Dustin at Fanx so I've been really into it lately.

On my just got my PS5 and on my Radar is the last of us games part 1 and 2.been playing part 1. They are actually making an HBO off of the games. The game story is immersive gut wrenching and you get attached to the characters.

I know Frankie is going to hate my what’s on my radar but I love Good American (Khloe’s brand) jeans! A little pricey but worth it for how well they fit. So comfortable and come in every size you can imagine

The most amazing beautiful wife of mine is on my radar. She makes every morning worth waking up. Love ya Hillary

Book the gap & the gain by Dr Ben Hardy-from SLC, most people are unhappy by the way they measure success. We all have an ideal moving target that is always out of reach. When we measure that ideal we are in the gap. when we measure against our previous self we are in the Gain

Radar: John Wick 4 trailer

@slackdetail came and detailed my car, and it looks just like new!!! He is awesome!!

Oh! There is a documentary on Prime called Introducing Selma Blair.. OMG! She is so honest and vulnerable, or is a great doc!!

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