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These random acts of kindness will make you cry!

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My family and I were homeless at one point and Sleeping in the park and a single dad Saul our situation it was a very poverty stricken area and he went home and made a meal for us and brought it back to my family. Something small but that will forever stick out in my mind

I went to beans and brew The other day in the car in front of me paid for my coffee which meant more than they would know because I was using my last five dollars to buy my coffee

During Peach Days celebration in Brigham City, UT, I was in line at a Smith's and this nice gentleman was in front of us. He stayed to talk to my children asking if they were excited to see the parade and festivities. Then he gave them 20 bucks each and told them to enjoy some fun time on him. It was so sweet. Made my kids day

Random locksmith unlocked my car for free. My keys were in ignition with motor running

My dad about a year ago being 81 years old at a grocery store had picked up one too many things and didn't have enough cash. The lady behind him paid for his remaining balance and had her young son run after my dad in the parking lot and hand him a $20 to pay for gas. Just in case. Good love! good people

The guy who runs while holding a sign saying I believe in you... in eagle mountain. He has no idea how much I needed that message.

Bought a new tv and it was too large to fit in the trunk. We were trying to makeshift something to close it. A woman saw and gave us bungee cords she had.

Stranger helped me in hobby lobby when my daughter threw up in my hands. Totally jumped into action and saved the sad. Thank you so much!

10 yrs ago, going through a divorce w/ 3 kids, not being paid child support, it was my daughters' birthday, she chose to go to Benihana's per tradition. A man was seated w/ us, kept to himself during dinner, after he finished, he came down the table and said thanks for letting me join the party tonight and paid the entire bill for me!

I was scammed in a group on FB and after that a women in Birmingham decided that she was going to send me the item I was looking for free of charge. There are good people.

5 years ago today we had a grandson born at 23 weeks gestation weighing in at 1 lb and 1 oz. After spending days nights & long hours at the hospital and going in between work and doing everything we could to be there for support to my son and his wife, I was headed home one night early morning and realized that it had been a few days since I had eaten, and I wasn't feeling very well so at 2:00 in the morning I pulled into a fast food restaurant, not my favorite but only one that's open at that hour of the day. There was a older kind of beat up truck in the other lane being driven by a teenager, a young lady that looked exhausted as well. So my first thought was I wanted to pay for her meal, but unfortunately she was ahead of me so there wasn't any way for me to pay for her meal and as I got up to pay for my meal the cashier said "Your meal has already been paid for" I gave him a funny look and I said no, and he replied with yeah the car ahead of you paid for your meal. Well after days of no sleep you can imagine the water works turned on He immediately started to apologize and say "I'm sorry I'm sorry if I had known I wouldn't have let her pay for your meal." I reassured him that they weren't upset tears a very grateful tears grateful tears. It was a simple act it was like $4.34 but I couldn't help but stop to think that this young lady was probably a waitress getting off at that hour and we know they don't make a lot of money but by the time I got through the drive up it was as if her truck had literally disappeared I couldn't find her anywhere. Needless to say the next time I was in line at fast food I paid for the vehicle not only behind me but three cars behind me. All because of her kind gesture.

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