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TEXT TOPIC: Who do you DREAD going to dinner with?

Waiter dissatisfied with small tip from cafe visitors

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My sister. She lives out of state so I don't have to eat out with her often. Needless to say the last time I went out to dinner with her I tipped the server 100 percent.

Will NOT go out with my dad. He is so mean and complains about everything... if he wants to go out we either say no or offer to get take out

My husband's grandpa is an old mob guy and he MUMBLES so bad. His orders are complicated and he doesn't speak up or repeat himself. I have to apologize discreetly to the server before we sit down.

In-laws are horrible. Always Complain about how the wait staff "should" be doing their jobs. It's always like this too. Every. Single. Time.

I refuse to go out to eat with my friend if she has her daughter with her. My friend let her child stand on our table barefoot almost the entire dinner in a nice restaurant and her daughter also threw a crayon at some random person & my friend never apologized for it! It was so embarrassing.

Step children. They ignore servers, they won't look away from their phone, get upset when their order is wrong because they didn't pay attention to the server when they took their order and are rude to staff.

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