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What day of the week do you DREAD?

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Tuesday! As weird as this sounds I love Monday's. But Tuesday, it's usually busy at work and that wears me out.

Tuesday it is Mondays throw up

I hate Sundays because I am the "senior" tech and get constantly interrupted by questions from junior techs

TUESDAYS there just a double Monday. Not middle of the week quite yet. And they're just long and dreadful as Monday.

Dread Tuesdays. I work at Huntsman and a usual day we see 10-15 patients. Tuesdays we see 25-28. So busy, I need roller skates. Lol.

Tuesdays at work suck cause there's a lot of crybaby staff that always gripe and moan about what they're assigned to. It's always the girls too.

The worst work days of the week is Saturdays and Sundays when you're not on the radio for me to listen to

Thursday! It's my busiest day at work with my clients...but still...rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Thursdays.. too many meetings on Thursdays.

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