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Weekend Check-in!

Boats and Ski Watercraft Head North on Vacation.

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This weekend I did homework and tried to prep for my first speech in my class today. I love how even though I'm a junior in college, my Gen Ed Public Speaking class is the one giving me the most anxiety lol.

Friday attended Freedom light festival in Bountiful about the Constitution. Saturday worked on my cosplays for FanX and Sunday was with Sister from Maui visiting with Family

Visited King Henry VIII castle. I watched Queen Elizabeth funeral at Lincoln castle in Lincoln England

Had been in Orlando since the 11th. Went to Epcot Saturday. I'm desert people, not swamp people. Humidity=yuck

We had a gender reveal party and found out we're having a baby boy! Due in Jan, we are thrilled! First baby after a miscarriage, so blessed and excited!

I was in lake Powell this weekend. Such good weather and so beautiful

My son turned 2 on Sunday, Happy Birthday Kronos

I went sky diving this weekend. So scary. So fun. 100% will do it again.

Over the weekend I went homecoming dress shopping with my oldest. Found a beautiful sparkly dress for her. The day I read at work are Wednesdays. Boring team meets & 1:1s with managers. Plus I have to actually get dressed out of pajamas. (I work remote lol)

My kids were with their dad this weekend. I literally did nothing all weekend. Sat home, all weekend long. Much needed relaxation weekend!!!

We went to the FloRida concert it was AMAZING! He climbed on a huge dude's shoulders and he came over to our riser section. FloRida then climbed over the railing and partied with us, singing and dancing. I sent videos to 97.1 Instagram

I rented a dumpster to get rid of JUNK in my house and declutter!

Weekend check in This is listener Viveann. Busy weekend! I had my Psychic comedy show at the OPPA Theater on Friday, and Saturday I got to do readings and energy work for some amazing women at a retreat in Eureka for women recovering from domestic abuse. There was a lot of birthday party preparation for my son's party this coming weekend as well.

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