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TEXT TOPIC: What are your short job stories?

I quit!

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In Highschool I got a job in the mall. First day I show up and the manager told me I needed to go home and change my pants into khakis not the jeans I was wearing. Left to go change and ever went back. Thought it would be a fun way to meet boys and the vibe was not doin it for me! Buh bye:)

A new position helping bring food between different refrigerated rooms. They didn't really know how to use me though. A week later I took a different job as a student custodian in a different building. Ya that was actually more appealing!

My husband got a new job and within 3 days he quit because it was construction and dealing with the kinds of the things the men would talk about he couldn't deal with. Luckily his last job took him back!

My 14yr old self got hired at the local taco place and I stayed possibly 2.5 hours(IF THAT) turns out I am NOT a fast food kinda girl!! Oh I never did get paid! I feel like they owe me lol!!!

I worked at an orthodontist office we were closed to patients this day so it was just a few employees in office. We had a new hire come in and she was filling out paperwork, my manger left her in a room to complete the papers and went to follow up with her...she was gone! Just up and left, none of us saw her leave and she never came back!

My mom was a manager at a retail store. She hired a new assistant. It was her first day. The assistant asked to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later the the delivery driver came in and asked "where's your girl going? I just saw her walk out the back door with her purse as fast as she could. She never made it back from the bathroom

My husband was overlooked on a position (that he was well qualified for, boss didn't like him) after 16yrs at the company. He quit for more time with family and no nights. After 4 days at that job, he found out not only would it be nights and weekends for the first few years, he quit. Went back to the old job and they put him in the position he originally applied for and the boss tells him all the time he should have done it from the start.

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