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TEXT TOPIC: What are you falling for?

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In high school I tripped up the stairs three times in a row. It was only a set of about ten stairs. My friends and everyone else looked at me like what is your problem.

I was a new snowboarder... I was standing in line to get on the lift and I slipped right when I was about to get on and I hung on to the seat and it dragged me a few feet and than they had to stop the lift to get me up. I was so embarrassed. Lol

At Chick-fil-A a lady drove up on the curb in the parking lot, so I wanted to get out of her way. I tripped over the curbing and landed in the mud and shrubs on my hands and knees. I stayed there in the ground an just busted out laughing. There was a long line of cars waiting in the drive through. This lady rolls down her window and said "don't worry... we ALL saw that!" Epic

I was at Gracie’s downtown, if you've been there you know the stairs! I was wearing wedges and when I stepped down too far forward I basically slipped half way down but luckily my friend stopped me when she heard me. The bar was packed and I was so embarrassed!

I'm a teacher and I fell in front of the entire school during a fire drill.

When I was 14 I gave a talk in church about maintaining physical health. Got to the pulpit, locked my knees, and passed out in front of everyone! So embarrassing.

It was the end of work and we were all headed to the parking lot. I slipped on ice, legs coming out from under me, and bam. Everyone looked at me. At least I didn't spill my drink

About 10 years ago I was running in the neighborhood trying to beat my daughter and some of her friends in order to scare them. Tripped over my big feet did a belly first slide as if I was sliding into second base on asphalt.

My daughter who just started college a month ago, was riding her scooter on campus, hit a rock, fell, broke her nose and started bleeding from her nose and mouth, in front of the entire football team eating lunch outside!

Couple weeks ago I was in a body combat class. We were shuffling side to side and my foot just got caught on the floor and since I was in the middle of a shuffle I literally kept going and fell into the women at the end of the line! Got back And finished the class but man I felt really dumb!

Was camping and the steps on my trailer were slightly broken, slipped on the edge of a step and landed on the metal steps super hard on my butt with people camping across us staring directly at me the whole time. Didn't know the people. My phone saved my hiney but broke in half from the impact.

A lifted Chevy died in front of me on State St. I jumped out to help push while one of my daughters drove my car. Once we got the truck across the 45th intersection. I want to jog back to my car but my legs didn't want to. I couldn't lift my legs and fell on my face on the street in front of everyone.

10 years ago, middle of winter, I was wearing 5 1/2" heels while out with my boyfriend to meet his BFF's Mom, who is a millionaire socialite back East. Slipped in the restaurant lobby landed on my head, back and NO one came to help me but my BF. I had a concussion.

Sitting in a math class. I was a 9th grader in a class with a lot of Seniors. Reached for a pencil that rolled off my desk and fell out of my chair and hit my nose on another chair..broke my nose, bleeding all over, skirt I was wearing up over my head. It was horrible!

Running on highland drive, went into the parking lot of Les Schwab tires and tripped. I jump up, pretend nothing is wrong, turned east on 3900 S and realized I had blood running into my shoe. No one to call so I limped on home.. Damaged patellar tendon, 2 years of PT later...still not 100%

We got to Disneyland and I was so excited I couldn't stand it. I began running in with arms open, tripped, and slow-fell for eternity while people stared

I'm 38 playing laser tag with a girlfriend and biffed it SO hard!! Landed hard on my knee that swelled immediately. I kept playing like nothing happened and walked out at the end to a cute little crew laughing - found out there are cameras!

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