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TEXT TOPIC: To number 2, or not to number 2

no toilet paper

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I was driving home through Sardine Canyon late 1 night with my 2 small kids. Had to pull over thought I was gonna puke. Nope it was #2 and it happened so quick. Luckily I had baby wipes in the car. Yeah I pooped on the side of the road in Sardine.

Last week my soon to me brother in law took my sister in a hike up Adam's canyon and was planning to propose. He got explosive diarrhea way up the canyon. I think it was the nerves, energy drink and snickers that got the best of him! He did end up proposing still!

I was out feeding the cows, at the time one of the cows had just had a baby so she was super protective. She had me cornered and I was too afraid to walk by her but I had to GO so bad, I ended up calling my son so he could come out and distract the cows, he did but it was too late. I had already shat myself, once he got out to the field, I ran so fast to the shop bathroom. So embarrassing

My cousin is a firefighter. Had to take a poop in the toilet of a burning house before finishing to put out the fire.

I have my own #2 "holiday" (8/28/04). My whole family was visiting in the living room and I thought it was funny to keep farting on my sister. Everyone kept telling me to stop and I do it one more time and sprayed everywhere in my light khakis! LOL So every 8/28 I'm reminded of it. ~DP

You HAVE GOT to hear the rest of these poo stories. Check out the Frankie and Jess podcast for the rest!

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