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TEXT TOPIC: School suspension? That's SUS.

High school students doing exam in classroom

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5th grade, boys were laying on the slide so they'd hit the girls crotch when they went down..I put my feet together and busted the kid's head open..oops?

My daughter and her friend got suspended for skinny dipping in the school pool. Haha

Suspended for one day for putting a bully through a wall. Yes I literally sent them through a wall.

My 11 year old son got suspended for throwing a water balloon in the school hall

I got suspended once because this other girl and I had the SAME NAME, but her last name was spelled different, but pronounced the same. And she got in a fight and I ended up getting called to the Principle's office and got suspended. I kept trying to tell them it wasn't me. They finally realized their mistake but hey, it was a nice day off from school.

When my son was in high school, he ran track and some of the older boys when he was a sophomore tried to hold him down in the parking lot and shave his hair as a prank because they said he would run faster if his hair was shorter. A Mom in the parking lot saw this happening and called the police. They came and took the boys to the principal. They got suspended for a week and the next two track meets for trying to haze my son and cut his hair..

got suspended for vandalizing school property in KINDERGARTEN and also almost got expelled for ditching kindergarten

I got suspended for 2 days slapping a schoolmate at an assembly in front of the entire school, 9 grade

I got suspended for calling the bus driver a "big butt driver". The day I was suspended my appendix ruptured...

I pulled the fire alarm 🚨 in elementary.

I got after school suspension for calling myself out of high school as my dad

My son got suspended for his friends taking candy bars from the teachers cupboard

I was suspended in 4th grade for sluffing. We had a sub and left the school early. But we knew we couldn't go home early or our parents would know. So we hid in a bush until school ended and then walked home. 😆 Not very glamorous. The sub told on us though so we got suspended.

My younger brother, now 34, got suspended for whipping a kid with the buckle side of a belt cuz it would hurt more. In kindergarten!

The first and only time i got suspended was when i was in 6th grade and it was for bringing alcohol to school!

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