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TEXT TOPIC: Road Rage....who DOESN'T have it?

Angry male driver looks through car window, grimacing, fist clenched

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Road rage. About a year ago in bountiful this guy cut me off. We were both stopped at the next light side by side so I flipped him off. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me!

I'm so sick of drivers in Utah and taking the law into there own hands! You're driving a deadly weapon for heck sake! I live in kamas and I drive for a living. I was driving home from park city a month ago and went to pass a truck legally well he decided to push me into oncoming traffic. Same thing happened with a semi yesterday driving with my son to work. Went to pass in passing lane and pushed me on to oncoming traffic then finally pulled to the slow lane so I could pass in passing lane

A few years back my parents were getting Einstein to take to my gmas in Layton. Heading to gmas this guy cut my mother off so she flipped him off. He then proceeded to follow her. My parents pulled into a parking lot and this guy got out with a bat. A BAT. luckily my dad had his gun on him and had to step out with it to show this guy down. The guy called the cops saying someone was threatening him with a gun lol. But my mom was already on the phone with the situation

I didn't stop to let someone turn left into my lane and apparently this asshole thought I needed to be yelled at and harassed at the stop light. He got out and yelled and slammed on my window. I was big pregnant and absolutely terrified.

When I was 8 or 9. I was in the car with my younger cousin and Uncle. I don't know what happened to cause this man to get angry but he sped around the car and stopped in front of us blocking our car. He gets out and starts yelling obscenities and banging my and my uncles windows telling my uncle to get out and fight. My cousin and I were crying and traumatized. We got around him eventually with uncle ignoring him

Years ago my sister flipped off an old guy and he started following her. She lost him in her neighborhood and parked at her apartment but he drove by and saw her going to her door. He pulled in and keyed her car and when she came out, calling the cops, he actually hit her with his car trying to back out. When the cops got there he started playing the innocent old man card and how he'd never do that with his young granddaughter in the car. They both ended up getting citations and she eventually had to have knee surgery from him backing into her.

There's was a road rage incident last week in SoJo. A guy got out of the car and started hitting the truck window. The guy in the truck shot the guy hitting his window! Clipped him. He fell got up and then ran away. My coworker filmed the whole thing.

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