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TEXT TOPIC: Do you know a name dropper? Are YOU a name dropper?

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I am totally a name dropper. Whether they are famous or not I can usually drop a name into conversations. I know I do it, thanks mom for passing it on. I usually do it to annoy certain people or one up them lol---Danny Devito, Candace Cameron Bure, Thomas S Monson--well my mom likes to bring up how I went on a date with Thomas S Monsons grandson and I got to meet Monson. And then we ran into Thomas Monson a few months after the date. Sorry I can't think of examples the top of my head--I met Danny Devito after a Jazz game many years ago and I like to talk about how dumb I was for saying I loved him on Throw Mama from the Train vs something like Matilda as a 10 year old

My boss! Name/title dropper. Amazing she has time for a 'commoner' like me!

I’m a police officer and everyone that knows me will try to name drop me thinking I’m gonna be able to get them out of a ticket. Listen, people - there’s a lot of cops in Utah and they don’t all know me!

I am involved with a soccer team that Brian Dunseths son used to play on so we still know him. Parents sometimes drop how he used to be involved with the team

my dads a cop so my brother has his business card to his insurance card. He gets out of more tickets than anyone I know!

It's me, I'm the name dropper. I've met some pretty prominent people in my business that I work in unfortunately I can't say their names but I say their titles all the time like Olympic heavyweight champions really prominent athletes I've met Bob Sheridan who was the announcer for Muhammad Ali, I've slept in Brendon Urie's bed, he wasn't there but… It's me

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