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People are FIRED UP for this Passive Aggressive Tuesday!

PAT Tony, I really like you but the farting is getting out of control. You think you're discreet but I hear and smell every single one. Then you get mad when my son does it. This isn't frozen and you aren't Elsa. If he can't let it go neither can you princess.

Passive aggressive Tuesday - Dear "witch" neighbor: your Halloween decorations will never look as good as mine. I love that it drives you nuts trying.

To my hermit sister-in-law not everyone likes to stay in their house and be locked away so please stop giving me the look of death when I walk up to say hello when you finally do come out. Beoch!

Don't stand your sponsor up. No response no call or text when we're supposed to meet. You're waiting my time when I could be helping someone else that is in need. Arrrrrg!

Hey if you are going to call a meeting be prepared. Tired of spending 10 minutes waiting for you to figure out why you called the meeting. Stop wasting everyone's time. Sincerely the person who won't attend future meetings.

The more you file with the court, the more unintelligent and crazy you look as it's all nonsense! She will never want you back in her life

If I said something wrong or did something that you didn't like,tell me. Don't give me the silent treatment or try making me guess. We're 2 grown a**adults.

Please stop trying to involve and manipulate everyone to believing your side of events. You are in the wrong, accept it, do better, maybe apologize, and move on.

Passive aggressive: my MIL gives me no credit for working full time and taking care of the kids when the hubba is gone. It drives me insane. She babies my husband. Cut the cord lady!!

Stop giving "celebrities" free things. They can afford it. They don't need to go to the movies for free. Help out the mom or dad with 3 kids, who can only afford the theater once or twice a year.

Sighing in frustration when I don't just jump on because you said you're hard pisses me off. I'm not just automatically turned on because you are already on.

To my brother, stop acting like you aren't having an affair on your wife with our other brothers wife. Nasty!

My adult lazy ass brother and his adult lazy ass wife can't do shit for themselves. They know damn well if they call my parents and tell them something is broke or isn't working that my 70 year old Dad will offer to come fix it. Then they act like no it's ok we can do it we were just asking how to do it but ok if you insist come over.

First date. At a bar we order an AMF each, getting to know each other when he tells me he is in love with his dom and shoes me pics of his back after a whipping session. I finished his AMF mine and 3 more. The date continued for a total of 13 hours and there was a second

Passive aggressive Tuesday. I have 9 puppies in trying to find homes for. Don't message me for hours and set up a time to come see them and then ghost me and not show up. Be an adult and just say you changed your mind so I'm not waiting around all day for you.

Passive Aggressive Tuesday...You milk the clock an extra 30 min daily & skip lunch saying your busy so you can leave early everything single Friday claiming you've worked all your hours. It's not fair, don't get used to it, we see you.

To the lady on my flight from Hawaii to SLC. If you needed sleep so bad you should have bought a ticket in first class instead of coach where all the kids are. My well behaved toddler ended up being the least of your worries. I hope when you have kids that Karma bites you hard.

Stop expecting praise for doing the bare minimum duties of your JOB!! We are all busy and you don't need a gold star for doing the min.

The car in front of me was Speeding! They were going 40 and pulling away from everyone!!!! You Saud they were going 32? THAT WAS ME GOING 32, AHOLE!

These kids are just as much yours as they are mine! I shouldn't be the only won't supporting their needs!

Mom, I'm done with your addict ways! I'm done trying to help only to have you lie to everyone to make me the bad guy

Hey Apartment Managers LISTEN TO YOUR TENANT"S COMPLAINTS AND FIX THEM, my Sister just moved from hers and the stairs leading to the 2nd floor are crumbling or missing. your gonna have a lawsuit on your hands soon if they aren't fixed

To the lady blocking the drop off line at the elementary school, you can't park your car and take all your kids into the school and leave your car there for 15 minutes! Thanks for jacking everything up!

To the people that come and park on the road around Daybreak Lake. It is a road not a parking lot. Stop opening doors into traffic and just walking in font of cars. There are tons of crosswalks at safe places to cross.

Dear friend you're 35! Stop being a man child. U don't need to take naps every day! Ur selfish & wonder why ur single. Grow up already!!

If your kid requires you to get out of your car to unbuckle and put on their backpack, for the love of all things holy, park your damn car and walk them up.

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