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Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Hey bestie next time you have marital problems don't come to me you wanted a girls weekend I booked then you flake cause you're "broke"-then you post a cruise on fb with your husband that you supposedly adore

You're the manager, set the example for your team. Work in office when you say and the team will follow suit.

You can't disappear for 4+ yrs and then show up out of nowhere and think we want you back. Especially since you look like a nasty strung out drag queen! Keep your crazy away from us!

I'm a contractor. I absolutely love the work I do, I HATE people. People are so impatient, rude, and have entitlement issues. I can't build your house in one day, I can't redo your kitchen in one day, I can't redo your bathroom in one day. If they knew what contractors had to deal with on top of the work. Especially the contractors who do the work themselves.

Parents: stop letting your children bring food and drinks into a women's clothing store!!

Attention Utah drivers - quit sitting in the fast lane aka passing lane and causing traffic jams. If you are not ACTIVELY passing somebody on your right, get out of the fast lane!!!

Hey everyone getting off on the Timpanogos exit heading south on the freeway, you have to be in the exit, there isn’t a through/exit lane. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been hit by morons that realize they are gonna miss the exit and whip in front or behind me!

How many times do we have to go over the left lane is for passing? Stop lingering in the fast lane! This especially goes for everyone on mtn. View corridor

You tell me you need space after a little tiny not even a fight situation, and I try to get a hold of you three days later after said fight and you tell me you still need space and then you have the audacity to text me "hey" an entire month later after ghosting me. And blame it all on your mental health and then get mad at me and say I should know better since we have dated for 2 years!? Just man up and end it with me

To the tiny terrorist put your f’ing socks on I’m gonna be late for work

To my boss who says he doesn't like to micro manage stop crawling up my back about cutting hrs while getting mad at all of us for not finding ways to cut hrs. Stay in your office and off your email

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