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TEXT TOPIC: Who's Not Using Their College Degree?

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I went to school and graduated with a degree in criminal Justice. I ran a restaurant for 8 years and now I'm an office manager for a powersports dealership.

My 2 degrees are worthless without grad school-psychology and sociology.

I graduated cum laude with my bachelors degree in criminal justice and I was not able to find a job so now I make diapers for a living

I have a Bachelors in exercise and sports science, along with a massage therapist and I'm a stay at home mom

I spent $60k to be a commercial pilot and I now work in manufacturing.

I have a masters in accounting and now am on purchasing $80k in student loan debt

Bachelors in Behavioral Science/Psychology. I'm a manager at a clothing store & make more than I would have with my degree.

My husband has a biology major, chemistry minor, was going to go to med school. Full time coach now.

I have an associates in early childhood education. Am an administrative assistant. Actually it kind of works. Dealing with overgrown children. Lol

Nephew has a masters in Philosophy and works in a vegan bakery

I have a BS AND Masters in "Communication." I work in healthcare... doing a job that a highschooler could likely do.

Here goes my journey: pre-med, business, advertising, electronics and information technology, back to advertising, computer science…ENDING WITH…Geospatial Intelligence (intelligence gathering through remote sensing, satellite stuff) and ended with no debt. With that Geospatial intelligence degree...never used it once after years and years of school. Ended up just teaching myself to code in the end.

I spent 4 years getting a political science degree... I work in the credit card industry.

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