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TEXT TOPIC: Have You Ever Dated a Co-worker?

We're in great financial shape

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My coworkers are dating, but the catch is they're both MARRIED! The guys wife is pregnant with their second too. It's a mess

I am married to my co worker and we share an office, it is not our business but the company we work for has no plans at this time to bring us in office. Funny thing is most people now working for the same company do not know we are married because they've never met us in person.

My hubby and I met at work 20 years ago. We kept it secret for seven months and then we ran into our boss while we were out on a date. When we got to work on Monday he told us one of us has to switch teams because we couldn't be on the same team together!!

Does hooking up count? We haven't gone on a date yet but we hook up at work a lot. Maybe something will come from this, maybe it won't but I'm enjoying the ride (to see unintended). So I guess we are on the down low. :-)-- Ok that "enjoying the ride" comment made me sound like a pig...I wouldn't mind if it turns into something real, but for now we're just enjoying...things.

Worked at a health clinic back in 2008. Started dating a co-worker and we have been married 13 years with 4 kiddos.

Dated my coworker & now we've been married almost 8 years with a 4 yr old beautiful boy

When me and my husband now were 16 years old we used to work out boondocks together and we would hook up all the time in the boob dog room

This is Vanessa from FL. I dated a co-worker back in the day. And I didn't know he was married until his wife called my house, in the middle of the night.

I worked at a small company of 50-ish people. There was a married guy who was secretly dating the HR manager.....he got into a heated argument with another male coworker when they both found out the HR manager was secretly dating/hooking up with both of them. Needless to say the HR manager got fired. I guess it was a HR violation?? Lol

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