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TEXT TOPIC: Have you ever been followed?

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My fiancés ex wife followed me- went through my trash, called colleagues of mine to try and get info about me. She flew to utah from Florida to follow me. Psychotic

Went to the movies with my friend drove a separate car by myself. I noticed this guy was behind me walking then I went tivthe bathroom there he was again and looked back he was in the seats behind us. I told my friends they walked me to my car and then I got in locked my car when I heard someone trying to get in the back door I look its that guy I drove away so fast! Scary!

Jess! That happened to me in Ogden at a big box store. I was terrified too maybe it was the scrubs I had on? They followed be from the groceries to the cards, toys, pet food. 3 much larger men I'm 5'4" I wonder if it a trafficking thing?

Back in the day my mom was followed by Ted Bundy. She was at a department store and he followed her on each aisle. Then, followed her to the car and knocked on her window saying she was so pretty that he wanted to take her to lunch.

This happened years ago. I was just about to walk out out to my car from the mall and as soon as I opened the door to leave the mall every hair in my neck stood up and I was instantly really nervous. I looked around and nothing was unusual but I could bring myself to move forward. I went back in and asked security to walk me out. He didn't even think twice after I explained why. He made sure I got in my car and started to back out before he went back into the mall. I have never forgot that feeling!

I worked near the homeless shelter downtown and one time a man asked for money, I politely said no. He proceeded to follow me all the way to my work and actually came into the building behind me! Luckily someone was right there to tell him to get out

many years ago I had to walk to Smith's to get diapers for my oldest daughter and when I walked back I could feel like somebody was following me. But I was quite young at the time and didn't quite know what to do I just hurried home. We were robbed that night somebody went through our whole house while we were sleeping

Daughter and I were followed around a Reams in T-ville. Always in the same aisle, staring at us, waited in the parking lot. I had that feeling he wanted her the whole time

I was walking my dog at night. A guy on a bike started following me along with a who was guy walking. I ducked around a corner & then another & lost both.

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