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"Our friend, our fellow soldier, and our brother needs your help!"

Our friend, our fellow soldier, and our brother needs your help.

Connor Reich, being one of the most pure hearted and loving people many of us family and friends have ever known is facing life changing injuries due to a motorcycle accident.

To no fault of his own, Connor was hit by a distracted driver while riding his motorcycle just a few days ago. With respect to Connor and his family, some of the details regarding his injuries will not be shared here. But it is important to know that his life will be changed forever as a result of these injuries. We are lucky that our brother in arms will live, but the complications of his injuries are deeply saddening. Connor is an active man who uses his abilities in life to serve others. He always chooses to help someone else over helping himself. He is by far the greatest example of service and charity that any of us have ever known. We are asking, pleading, for the chance for us all the give back to Connor in the hopes of repaying him in the way he would help all of us. Connor is always there for others, it’s time for us to be there for him. If there is anything that any of you reading this can offer, please do so.

This money will be used as a small relief for the lack of income he will be facing for the unforeseeable future, as well as a small contribution to the medical bills he and his family have ahead of themselves. We, his friends, his brothers and sisters, his family, thank you all in advance for your willingness to help this man.

God bless you.


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