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TEXT TOPIC: Did you walk out of a movie? Which one and why?

can it be one I should've walked out of? The Hudsucker Proxy. Kept thinking this has got to get better. It didn't

the movie "Scary Movie" I can't remember if it was the first one or the 12 sequels after but it was just sexual humor THE WHILE TIME. Here and there would've been fine but after awhile it was funny

i walked out on movie adventures of baron munchhausen, with robin williams and teenage uma thurman. I could not understand what was going

i walked out on movies little shop of horrors, sweeney todd and captain marvel

I went and saw silent hill and I should have walked out. My friend was begging me to get up but we ended up staying. It was way disturbing. Worse than any of the saw movies.

I love jlo and all that she does but I walked out on Gili with ben afflec I couldn't do it i left my date that wanted me there and dipped out haha

The only movie I walked put of was Team America cause puppet woo-hoo is where I draw the line.

went to Good Luck Chuck with my mom and grandma thinking it was just a typical rom-com. We left during the sex montages. Poor grandma.

my brother-in-law had just gotten back from his mission had a date and my wife and I decided to go to the movie 8 mm with Nicolas cage. Big mistake! It had to do with underground snuff and porn videos! We walked out haha

I was 13 me and my friend went to see paranormal activity. We got soo scared we ended up leaving a lot of our Stuff and waited till the movie was over.

walked out of The Hills Have Eyes

Walked out of "She's the Man" with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum in 2006

when I was little my dad took me and my brother to see the mummy . I was so scared and crying so we left

my brother walked out of I Am Legend at the scene with the German Shepherd. We had just lost our shepherd mix and he couldn't deal with it, it's also the reason that I still haven't watched the movie

I almost walked out of Into The Woods, with James Cordon and the lot. Only Reason I didn't is because I was on a blind date with some friends.

walked out of Forrest Gump after about 10 minutes of watching it. I did not like that movie and still don't

Walked out of Black Widow but thats because me and my girlfriend were doing other stuff and didn't want anyone watching US

Walked out of Hotel New Hampshire in college. Rob Lowe's character was having sex with his sister. Ewww.

Walked out of Backdraft. Ex-boyfriend had to much to drink. When the fire would be aggressive on the show and come at a firefighter, he would scream wooohh. Wooooooohhhh messed him up. But he didn't scream messed. Embarrassing, I got him to leave.

Meet the stupid. Omg. I was a child and even I know that movie was crap. Made my dad leave lol

we went to see Water for Elephants and suddenly my 12 yo taps me on the shoulder to say she has a ride home. She was crying because of the treatment of the elephants

We should have walked out of the movie Into the Woods. The previews made it look like it was going to be good. It was a musical and it was AWFUL!

My parents and I walked out of "The Titanic", the reason why I walked out was because my parents were my ride.

my Mom (Martha Mormon) walked out of Bohemian Rhapsody and drug my daughter with her. She heard the F bomb once and was disgusted with that and the nature of the movie. Again, she's Martha.

Walked out of mama Mia! That singing was just so bad I couldn't take it!! Why not use auto tune or something?!?! Horrible!!!

walked out of Aeon Flux about 20 mins in. Boring and her hair was unbearable to look at.

we had to leave half way in the new ghostbusters; cause my 6yo was scared

good luck chuck It was disgusting

I walked out of sister act 2

I'm a movie critic so I've sat through my fair share of terrible movies. The ONLY one I've ever walked out of is Happy Time Murders. So. So. So. Bad!

I walked out of the movie Australia. So slow and even Hugh Jackman couldn't keep me in the seat

Had to walk out of The Hills Have Eyes. Way uncountable rape scenes and my date was a survivor. I still can't watch it to this day. Even as a guy it's extremely uncomfortable to see anything like that...

The movie "Mother!", With Jennifer Lawrence. It was an appalling movie. I actually stayed for the whole movie because I was on a date but it was the only movie I've seen that I wanted to walk out on. It had some really horrid scenes involving a newborn baby.

I was on my first date with my now husband and I took him to Boogie Nights with Mark Wahlberg, I had no idea is was about a porn star!! My husband thought I was a freak but I was so embarrassed I wanted to run out!!!

While in LA in July 2019, My 17yo daughter and I stumbled across the movie premiere of "Once upon a time in Hollywood". We were fortunate enough to get to attend not knowing what we were getting into. Needless to say we walked out, it was a little too violent for me.

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