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TEXT TOPIC: Did you make a costly mistake on the job?

Not me, but a coworker Had a diesel spill, comma so the cost of the fuel, call, cost of the cleanup, cost of the hazmat and fire crews Ended up being about 50K

wasn't me but one of the owners of the company clicked on an email with a virus and wiped out everything on the server

As a design engineer I once drew up a rectangular tube that was supposed to have rounded corners but I drew it up as sharp corners instead. Yeah that was a $10K mistake. Didn't get fired but it was a very expensive learning experience.

my brother works for a company that makes airbags and he dropped a box of tesla parts while driving a forklift

$12,000 lost I cut 40 custom plastic sheets to the wrong size 😬🤬, I received a talking to and a suspension

80k engine repair we cannot warranty or charge the customer so we're eating it.

had hotel guest have me take photos of him on the lobby balcony. He wanted a wider shot of our beautiful mtns and as I backed up, I tripped, his camera bounced off balcony, hit and rolled off another and landed broken in the pool. The resort had to replace a Nikon and film ugh

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