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Utah Mom Gives Birth as Her Daughter's Surrogate

50-Year-Old Utah Mom of 8 Served as Surrogate for 25-Year-Old Daughter: 'The Greatest Gift'

A woman from Utah welcomed her granddaughter in a very special way — by giving birth to the baby as her daughter's surrogate.

Kaitlyn Munoz, 25, was told she could not carry any more of her own children "due to some health issues," she previously shared on Instagram.

She was diagnosed with endometriosis, and later Sjögren's syndrome, which is classified as an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks the glands that make tears and saliva, but can also damage other parts of the body, including the joints, thyroid, kidneys, liver, and more. 

Still, Munoz had two frozen embryos left following an IVF cycle that led to her giving birth to her previous child, son Callahan, according to KSL.

Her mother Chalise Smith, 50, stepped in and offered to carry and deliver for her this time around.

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