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Who isn't using their degree?

I have a degree in criminal Justice and haven't used it. I ran a restaurant for five years and now I'm an accountant/office manager

went to school for cosmetology and now work as a data analyst

have a associates degree in science, just got a job as a 3D modeler/draftsman.

graduated in Social Work and absolutely loved it before I had kids. But I interned for DCFS and worked in Youth Corrections. Once I got pregnant with my first I just couldn't do it. Too hard on my heart. Now I do accounts payable and bookkeeping from home.

have an anatomy and physiology degree and I ended up being a car buyer for a few dealerships and make more money now than I would with my Doctorates

my mom had a bachelor's in French. And she works in benefit insurance. And has her whole career.

coworker has a Bach degree in history, but is a principle computer engineer at our company

have an I.T. degree but I'm in HR. Bro has a photography degree but never used it. Was a janitor & now hes a receptionist. He owes 6 figures still too

have my degree in Elementary Education- never taught a day past student teaching! I'm a Director of Sales instead for 2 fabulous hotels here in SLC

Have two degrees: automotive engineering and service @ weberstate. Another w bachelor's in business administration. What I do for a living? Medical interpreter(I m a polyglot) and insurance agent

have an associates degree in hospitality and tourism. I got my degree back in 2000 when all the travel agencies were booming. So needless to say my degree is kind of worthless

have a nursing degree used it for about 6 months and went into higher education on the finance end, love the office hours, holidays off and make 40-50% more than I would as a nurse!

my wife has a degree to be a school teacher and she is a mortgage processor and loves her job

cousin went to school for engineering, graduated and then got an opportunity to buy a hair salon. Met his now wife there has an amazing life

my fiancé has his bachelors of science in health admin from 2018. Because of health issues. He hasn't started yet. Still working construction.

have a BA and my husband has a masters. Neither of us use our degrees. Go to trade school kids. College is a waste of time and money.

registered massage therapist and also a degree in sports and exercise I'm a stay at home mom

have a BS in Aeronautics/Minor in aviation safety. But I'm a General Contractor and own a sign company

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