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What is something you enjoyed occasionally but now it's an issue?

I've done acrobatics for 10 years. It's a fun way to stay in shape. But over the last couple years it's destroying my body. I've got two pulled tendons, and the latest injury will be an 8 month recovery

naps ): I’ve been working from home for 1.5 years now and got into a really bad habit of taking a nap on my “lunch break” and now I can’t make it through the day without one

I like to go out dancing, drinking and flirting it's a problem now that I'm married

I started playing games on my phone just when I'm waiting or watching TV. Now I have to play them before bed. My kids ask for my attention when I'm playing them. I can't just enjoy tv or movie with my spouse I have to be playing one of these games. They've become addicting

I've latin danced all my adult life and it's been my favorite thing to do. However the music can be pretty sensual and now my boyfriend feels uncomfortable with me going dancing. He doesn't dance and I feel like I can't do what I love. We're 30 and it's a relationship I'd like to keep forever so I respect him but this does make me a little sad

Social media became a bad habit. I was constantly checking my phone for updates. But also seeing negative things everyday, was starting to be too much. I deleted all my social media accounts. I feel free & don't feel tied to my phone all the time. Social media is good in moderation, but be careful, it can take over your life. Love you guys. Thanks for making life funner in FL

I do half Ironman triathlons. It has kept me in shape but I have knee pain and shoulder pain due to all the training

I love eating pebble ice. The problem is im so addicted to it now that I wake up during the night to eat ice.

I drink at least 10 cans of diet Dr Pepper a day. It so delicious but costly and bad for my health. I rarely if ever drink water and have had problems with kidney stones.

definitely opiates. Had it in control for 4 or so years. Now we are up to large amounts twice daily and spending around 900 a month

I used to masturbate to do in the voids. But now I do it almost daily and can no longer reach an orgasm for months now with my husband because I can do it better and quicker. He doesn't know, I guess I am good at faking. But it is a huge problem for me that I can't seem to stop no matter how hard I try.

Sweets and fast food

Going solo. It's a problem

One of things I enjoy is Coca-Cola, and the problem is I'm so used to it and if I don't get it I have a caffeine withdrawals and I get headaches and it's a problem.

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