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What did you learn for the first time today?

I recently learned that narwhals are real and not mythological creatures

I didn't know girls had two holes down yonder. Well technically 3. Thank you orange is the new black.

I'm on my mid thirties and I learned a few years ago that cucumbers are pickles

My 25yr old friend was complaining about being blinded by headlights in her rear view mirror and I told her to change it to the nighttime setting. She was convinced she didn't have one because it was already pushed back and she couldn't see it. I had to show her.

Years ago I would sing along to the song by Maroon 5 "Moves like Jaggar" but I said "I've got to move my jacket" And I kept telling my husband it was such a stupid song. Why does he need to move his jacket?

Z here, I'm 46 and just learned what a narwhal is.

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