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Weekend Check in! What happened over the weekend?

weekend check in Cleaned the house and celebrated Beltane (pagan holiday that is about life and summer) got 4 plants and set it up with my kid and hubby. Hopefully we can keep them alive

my 4 year old daughter had her first dance recital. She said she wants to dance on stage forever. She was soooo stinking cute! Wish I could show you all a pic!

This weekend my fiancé and I went down to SLC to Settebello pizza for lunch, The Leonardo museum for the Van Gogh exhibit and to gourmandise for desserts!

Saturday and yesterday our two dogs found a hole in our fence to the neighbors yard and escaped 4 times. Hopefully we can find a better way to close it or block it soon or I'm going to pull my hair out

Took my nephew to a SpongeBob Musical in Logan. It was entertaining for kids. Some funny jokes for adults too. :)

friday i went to red butte garden free admission day, sunday we celebrated my sisters 51st birthday

Took my girls to see BYU womens softball game. My oldest won a tshirt and they got free posters signed by the team at the end. They had a blast.

Used our season passes and took the kids to Lagoon on Sunday! Passes are so worth it.

got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out then went camping still sore but have to make that money

onFriday I saw The Offspring at the Union Event Center. Those aging rockers can still put on a show!

worked all weekend BUT signed up for a 6 week fighting "boot camp" that I started today to get healthy and better my quality of life

We took the trailer out for the first time this season and went with some friends to Diamond Fork for the weekend. It's was a lot of fun!

went to the aquarium with my husband’s twin and his family from TX. Hadn’t seen them in 2 years and was able to meet one of our nephews for the first time.

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