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Did you have an insect or animal infestation?

we bought our first house 2006 never did an inspection to save money- attic was full of bats- couldn't even see the white wall there were so many-they are protected by the state of Utah, I had to safely get them out

snake infestation right after we moved into my new house some in the living room, siblings bedroom, kitchen they came from a burrow under a hot tub

yes we have a cover mite infestation EVERY stinking year around the begging of spring time till about the end of May. They will never go away😡

So we bought our first house last May. My fiancé is a veteran so we had to get a termite inspection. THANK GOD WE DID! They're not common in Utah but we had some in our back unfinished basement wall that would've caused serious damage in a couple years. They were able to get it treated but it scary to hear

Hey growing up in Florida we’ve have had alligators In our pool and big crabs in the garage and snakes all over

when we moved into our house we were infested with earwigs. They'd crawl up my leg, shower with us and even tried to sleep with me a few times. So gross!

Moths. All over. Everywhere. In the attic, lights and shower!! Mice too :/ 

when my family moved to Heber into our new built house in 2000, the front and back porch, up and down, all the sides were crawling with earwigs. They’d of course make their way inside and you can see them crawling on the carpet, they’d fall from the ceiling while sitting in the couch! Eeew!

The mobile home I grew up in had black widows galore under it and when we moved out I moved my mattress and a huge black widow climbed up the wall. It was so close to the top of my bed and I had slept in it that night.

OMG back in 2002 we bought our house and about a month later I went outside one night and when I opened my front door there were freaking earwigs all over! Grabbed a can of raid and sprayed the front door... walked to the front of the garage... covered. I spent every night for a week going out at night spraying all those damn ear wigs! Never had that happen again. So disgusting and weird!!

I was a missionary in California. I lived in an apartment that was infested with cockroaches. That didn't fly, cleaned everything out, wasn't enough. They told me to get boric acid, never saw them again.

grew up in the Tx hill country. We had brown recluse spiders in our garage and storage. We always had to shake out our shoes for spiders, tarantulas and scorpions. One summer we had rattle snakes that hung out under the trampoline. Found them while jumping and was stuck there until my mom came to my rescue Scary to little me.

We had a chipmunk living in our attic and front yard trees that we named Chester and a rat in our yard we named Fred.

We came home from giving birth to our second child and a family of mice had found their way in. Took us months to get rid of them. Ended up throwing out all our major appliances because they built nests in them.

when I was newly divorced I had zero money and my mom's friend offered her little rental shack for us to live in. It was next to a sheep farm and it was infested with mice! These mice were not scared of humans they would casually stroll across the floor mid day look us in the eye and keep on going. We had the exterminator come and he said it was the worst he's ever seen. Needless to say we didn't stay too long.

I started working for a disabled couple a couple years back. They ended up having a mouse infestation. I ended up having to catch a whole nest of baby mice. All in all I think we took 75 out of the house.

Moved to tenneseee, had a cockroach problem! SOOOO GROSS! They'd crawl under the doors, on the ceilings, everywhere! They were HUGE! Call pest control finally and it was the best money I've ever spent.

When I was little, we lived in a 4-plex and the neighbor bombed for cockroaches so they came to our house. We didn't get rid of them for two moves later.

pantry moth larvae... little white worms all over the kitchen, on the ceiling and in the cupboard. I'm convinced we got them from the grocery store.

we had an earwig infestation!! They were everywhere! Like hundreds! They were inside our sugar jar, cereal, every wall, toys, etc let's just say we moved as soon as our lease was up. So gross!

heard a rustling coming from the vent fan in both bathrooms. Ended up finding starling bird nests in both vents. When we cleaned them out, there were broken eggs in one of them. A whole family of birds.

moved into a rental that was mice infested. With a good mouser, traps & lots of deep cleaning I had it mouse free after about a month. It was disgusting!

my windshield wipers stopped working so I took my car in to get it fixed. A squirrel had chewed through the lining of the engine and filled the entire engine with nuts. Next they took over the shed and chewed through the lawnmower bag and filled that up with nuts and my running stroller up with nuts. It was out of control!!!

our first home had a detached garage. One night as I pulled into the driveway, I saw a rat run across the roof of the garage. We ended up throwing everything in the garage out because of the nests - including all the pictures and memorabilia of my childhood

We bought one of those solid oak big log beds $3000 bed and my daughter kept getting bit and come to find out our bed and her bed were infested with bedbugs. So we had to get rid of the bed call the exterminator saw the exterminator cost us about $2500

had a kitten somehow get into our apartment and got to a place we could not find and we would hear it meowing and random times of the night, finally found it and did a live trap to catch it

Rented a car and a couple hours later, noticed a huge infestation of ants. The rental company wanted me to bring the car back as they didn't have anyone to come pick it up. I refused as I did not want to put my child in the back with the ants. The car company refused to exchange cars. I had it towed and got a rental from another company.

In our 2nd home in St George, have had 3 packrats take residence in the wall in their living room. Most unsettling sound. Have to trap!! No poison.

duplex in AZ, the neighbor moved out & the landlord asked us to clean it up. We walked in and there was a complete cockroach infestation. The walls were brown and moving.

as a teen I kept hearing skittering from the attic which was next to the ceiling where I slept. My parents couldn't hear it. Finally after I swear months they heard it and put traps in the attic and caught 2 mice

When I moved into my new apartment a year and a 1/2 ago, There was a pretty big earwig problem. I woke up to them crawling across my face in the middle of the night, I even had one crawl out of the phone Jack hole of my phone when I was talking to someone.

a squirrel somehow made its home under the bathtub of our master bath - all we could hear was scratching and thuds. We finally found the hole he got into and blocked it off.

I worked out at a retail store. A squirrel had come in and made a huge shrine on a top shelf of the fixture room. It had collected so much stuff.. feather, fluff from pillows, candy, tea light candles, anything you could think of. It was so hilarious, and so much random stuff you would think a human had staged it.

When I lived in GA at UGA our dorm outside walls were covered with Asian ladybugs. It looked like the whole wall was moving. They would get in thru the windows I our room and they bite!

lived in a townhome for 4 years w/no issues. New family moved next to me and soon after a cockroach infestation in my kitchen that happened to share wall with theirs. They were hoarders and it took forever to get rid of the roaches because the focus point was not my place. So gross!

back in 2002 my sister had a skunk infestation over 200 skunks were under her house had to replace the floorboards everything on underneath the house

buddy owned a pest control company. Discovered a new breed of spider. Cross between a brown wolf and a trianchula, he kept in hood kitchen in a enclosure that it built webs to try and escape from it was smart and learned how to escape. Buddy the size of a silver dollar and legs covered a dollar bill

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