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Did someone ghost you to the point where they disappeared completely?

had someone send us their resume for a job posting online. Called and no answers. Googled their address and the house was recently listed for sale. Sent a letter hoping it would be forwarded if they did move. Letter was returned.

yes my friend Amanda just dropped off the face of the earth. No answer To phone calls or text. I hope she's ok. Or if there is something I did. Just tell me already. So frustrating

I had a roommate in college, who all the roommates got along with and no drama. She even danced at my wedding, a traditional Polynesian dance. Nothing weird ha ha. None of us have been able to get in touch with her after we moved. Her phone number that we had didn't work anymore, and none of us can find her on social media either.

Had a friend that we had toddlers the same age always got lunch and had play dates then one day nothing ever again. Haven't seen her in 2 years she texted me after a year and apologized and said she was depressed BUT I see her on insta going out with friends constantly

my friend Andrea last texted me in September saying she was having a hard time with her depression. I haven't heard from her since and texted her a few different times to see how she is and if she wants to do something with our sons. Worried about her

.we had a coworker that was here one day gone the next! Our boss said she 'evaporated'!

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