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TEXT TOPIC: Who do you own an apology to? Who owes one to you?

my ex husbands gf owes me and our kids a Huge apology for her lack of respect and childish outbursts

My mom. She actually told me she throws me under the bus and lies to my brothers about things she says..says it's me. Does it because she knows I will still love her

I think my MIL owns me an apology after treating me poorly and telling me that I was good for nothing, stupid and I was trying to take advantage of her daughter (because I'm 4 years older than her).

Sorry Mercedes, I wish I could take it all back. She knows what I did . Hopefully I can be part of the baby's life.

i'd like to apologize to my twin brother who passed away it's been almost a year I'm not looking for sympathy truly an apology it's late on me all the time a month before he died he was showing some signs that I didn't really look at and I feel like I should've been more compassionate and prodded more because he really was very private and didn't like talking about his health and so that will live with me forever because I wish I would've just asked him more of what was going on and told him or how much I love him

an old gaming friend unfriended me after I left his chat party where everyone was talking over each other. I'm not the one to apologize, I did nothing wrong, you should get over yourself & I feel bad for your wife and kids. Pride comes before the fall

a once really close friend, like family, crossed all the lines and boundaries - made me feel like it was all my fault. I apologized, their behavior got worse. I cut them off, and months later, after more intense abusive behavior from this person, I received a message saying they needed to apologize - no where in their message do they actually apologize. Haven't heard from them since, my life is a million times better.

My grandpa owes Us one. My g- parents live in AZ. My g-ma died in a nursing home. My grandpa didn't tell us. He sent us and my aunts a funeral invitation. We received it a week after she passed. We were shattered.

Not waiting for but I am wondering if I will ever get an apology from my former four closest friends of 16 years after they all decided to ghost me because they couldn't "handle" my mental illness

my husband of 12 years is not there for me emotionally. We got into a huge fight last night He owes me an apology and I will never get it

still waiting on apologies from my mother,sister and brother in laws for how they have treated me over the years... will never get it and I know I won't and know I will always be on the outside no matter what I do

My MIL needs to apologize to me. For the last 20 years she had told me that my husbands health is my fault, (genetic heart defect), that I'm a terrible mother, even though my kids are the only ones that will still tolerate her, and that "marriage doesn't agree with her son and he is better off single". I have been a care giver to my husband for the last 10 years while working full time and raising two kids, but she still trashes me to everyone every chance she gets

I need to make amends to my mom and dad for actions during my addiction. I have 10 months sober. Will make amends at a year.

I deserve an apology from my ex best friend who told me she'd "call me right back" about two months ago (hence the "ex best friend") statement. Bye B, I'm not a back burner friend

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