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Fresh off the set podcast with Kari and Jess – Spotify. Apple. 

Old Navy

Trust No one – Netflix –crypo currency stuff

The Homestead - Midway

burley burger! SO freaking good! Best burger I've ever had, hands down.

Netflix the Ultimatum. It's couples who one person isn't ready for marriage but the other is. The trials they go through I think would be good for a lot of younger couples to watch. It gives self reflection.

severance on Apple TV

bar rescue. I know it's an older show, we've been re watching it and people are insane just buying a bar cause it seemed cool with no experience

show on Hulu the thing about Pam. So crazy!

you guys should try a Venezuelan restaurant in Downtown Salt lake , the name is Arempas. Great food and wonderful people

"Bad Vegan" on Netflix and the podcast "Something Was Wrong"

The Hitman's Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds. Samuel L. Jackson. Salma Hayek. Gary Oldman. GREAT MOVIE!!

You need to go see the movie "Ambulance" it was amazing! Tony undersold it. Action from start to finish. Jake Gyllenhaal was amazing in this role. It's not very often that I would go see a movie in the theaters twice, but this one I I'll.

a million little things on hulu. SO GOOD

my lash girl is seriously the best I've ever had! The lashes have amazing retention and they are so full and beautiful. Her Instagram is UniqueBeautyByDiana

WOMRadar? Box Bite in Am Fork Via 313 Detroit Style Pizza in Orem Loving past seasons of MTV's The Challenge Homeland with Claire Danes 12-13 seasons SO Good! & of course, 97.1 Frankie & Jess show

I love the podcast "So it goes" w/Kelsie and Noah Tippets. It's a mental health podcast from a married couple that makes it fun and interesting-- Bravissimo. They're bra company based in lingerie and they specialize in bigger cups. Cutest bras and best fit I've ever had

what's on my radar is a country singer name colter wall Super good

Mary Grace here - I Watched Ptolemy Grey on Apple TV. It is so good!! Samuel L. Jackson is amazing

The Rookie on Netflix with Nathan Dillion.

got my first tattoo by Juline at Joyline studio. She's a fine line artist and I did my babies birth month flowers it's gorgeous

You should watch "The Invisible Pilot" three part documentary on HBOMAX! Super crazy true life story of an airplane crop duster that lead an absolutely insane life. The 3rd part will be available this Monday. ~DP

Hiliary Stewart Photography. We had a Mother's Day 5 minute session. She was amazing with my kids and I'm 100% she got amazing pictures of my boys.

Wise guys 

on my radar #stillhere podcast. They focus on survivor stories. Some are survivors of serial killers, some are freak accident survivors. Just some really cool stories of surviving.

fly on the wall podcast with Dana carvey and David spade so good

On my radar! Hesseling and Sons Firearms in Lima, Ohio!!! Please send them a Facebook message or call them cheapest ammo around and you can custom build any fire arm of your choosing I've made a total of nine purchases from them and will always keep coming back!! And sneak peek are going to be having a show coming out!---- please check out their reviews on their Facebook page!! Hesseling and Sons Firearms, Lima, Ohio! You e got to see the custom Tiffany Blue AR15 and 9mm of mine!!!

crust club in Pleasant Grove! They make pot pies and dinners and are SO good! They even do free delivery from salt lake to some of provo and have a drive thru in PG

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