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TEXT TOPIC: Weekend Check in! What happened over the weekend?

I run the snack bar at Ron Wood memorial baseball park. #howmuchcanyoufitintoyourminivan It was shopping weekend!!

Weekend Check-in went to Hale Centre Theatre to see School of Rock it was funny and kept the kids attention the whole time. We all really liked it

let me start by saying this was the best weekend ever! Friday night my daughter-in-law gave birth to grandbaby number five little Lucca. We had my son and grandkids over for a sleepover while mama was recovering in the hospital. Sunday was my birthday went to dinner at toscano's and Draper and it was amazing as usual. Came back home had cake and ice cream with the family. Received amazing gifts for my amazing family. Love you guys and thanks for making my morning every morning. Listener Bill

WEEKEND-our kitty finally got her cone of shame off after having being fixed. Woo hoo! Then spent the day with our youngest daughter. Going shopping, ate out, and ended the day with watching Sonic 2. Which was great by the way. I'm sad Jim Carry won't be in the next one

We had a super fun weekend! Went to Lagoon Saturday and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sunday. Also detailed our RV and played video games with the kids

this weekend I worked on finishing some floral doodles and designs on my home office wall. I started a few weeks ago when I decided to make it a creative and inspiring workplace

this weekend I went to the rock and gem show in Ogden and got stoned! Picked up a few cool rocks at a good price and had a good time seeing all the displays of geological wonders.

went to the aquarium on Saturday for my nieces 7th birthday, such an amazing place!!

weekend check in- hubby told me to go get a hotel for the weekend and hit the spa! Spent two nights away and at the spa while he dealt with the 3 year old! 🙌🏻 –Lacee

On Friday I got my first tattoo! Then just had a chill weekend around the house and did stuff that needed to get done?-- got a small hummingbird in remembrance of my grandma and hummingbird is holding my kids birth flowers. It's just below my collarbone

took my in laws to it's sugar in Farmington station. They had a blast!

Went hiking in Zion for the first time. Narrows we're closed due to high water level but it was still amazing. The weather was perfect. We are really blessed to live in such a gorgeous state. Loved it!

My aunt is a physic medium & had an event this weekend

my weekend check in, yesterday (April 10) was my hubby and my 12th anniversary, we had to work so we are going to Wendover on Tuesday to celebrate

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