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TEXT TOPIC: Did your ex reach out after many years? What did they want?

in HS guy I dated told me everything he thought was wrong with me when he broke up with me. FFW 10 years, he DM me that while we were dating he would inappropriately touch me while I was sleeping. WTF?!

Oh my ex reached out to me after 10 years and before we broke up he had physically beat me like my daughter at home and couldn't even recognize my face I was only 15 at the time and it made my anxiety go up the wall to get a message from him after all this time.

in 2018 when I got engaged to my husband, after posting about the engagement I have not 1 but 3 of my exes contacting me and trying to make small conversation and wanting to talk.

ex reached out to me day before his wedding wanting to "see me one last time" and also told me "a part of him will always love" EXTREMELY awkward and inappropriate. I have always wondered if I should have reached out to the fiancé... but they are still married 10 years later

regarding the ex coming back years later, I've had five of my ex-boyfriend's reach out to me over the last few years, wanting to connect, wanting to talk about what could've been, we're in our 40s now so I'm guessing that these dudes are at some kind of a midlife crisis, maybe the marriage is in a lull, they see that I'm single so maybe I'm some form of excitement, I just shut it down and say "nope I'm good, happy where I'm at, everything happened like it should have, hope you and your wife are doing good"

divorced in 2016 and had a kid with my now husband in 2017. Got handful of text messages from my ex stating how happy he is for me that I'm a mom as he always knew that was my dream and I would be an amazing and he is glad that I found some one who could provide that for me. I had very little to say back as it was an abusive marriage and I have no idea how he found out I was pregnant assuming a mutual friend told him. When I birthed my kid I got texts too. My now husband worked with his new wife and I hated it.

years after breaking off an engagement because my ex was cheating.. I was engaged, posted a link for wedding invites, and got a call from my ex's parents asking if they could come to my wedding because it would help their family move forward... I said hell no!!

I recently was the ex to reach out. I found out an old mutual friend of ours had past. He's not bog on social media, so I wanted to make sure he knew. We broke up 10 years ago.

I had an ex reach out after 4 years of being apart. He called me and said he wanted to apologize for the way he treated me. He had heard I was dating a mutual friend of ours and wished me the best. Still see him time to time because he is friends with my husband but I hate it.

my ex and I have 2 kids, but he's on drugs and we rarely hear from him. When I got engaged, 10 years later, he texted me asking to try dating him again before I made my decision to get remarried... in no thanks dude. You're a drug addict and haven't had a job in 10 years. Ps he now will message me and tell me every time he overdoses. Wtf dude

My ex reached out to me three years after our divorce to ask me to remove her phone number from my Airbnb account. She was getting all the texts and notifications for my current wife and I's Airbnbs. This was during our honeymoon

I reached out to an ex to make an amends after I got sober. Step 9 is an amazing step.

My dad's ex from college started reaching out to him 20 years after they broke up (he has three kids now) and she wants to get back together with him. She sent him flowers... which he gave to my mom. Crazy lady

Dated a guy in 07. Stopped dating after he moved back to GA. I've been married since 12. Every few yrs, he'll send me a FB request from a new account.

3, 4 & 5 yrs after breaking up, 3 of my hubbys exes reached out to him for support during their hard times. We were married at the time. I send them all messages that he's not available.

Dated my soul mate. Married wrong man. After 8 years, divorced. Reached out to soul mate and we have been married 9 years this year. He is and always has been the LOVE OF MY LIFE!

I have wanted to reach out to my first husband. I was too young, selfish and immature. I ended it horribly. I am happily married now but what happened in between is my punishment which has I feel imprisoned and has kept me from being truly happy..

I reached out to my ex. Current boyfriend knew and agreed we could go to lunch. Ended up breaking up with bf & going on a Cali trip with ex. Came back and hung out with ex more. Then ended up dating my boss who told me how toxic my ex was and using me. Happily together 8 years now, 2 kids 😁 That was wild and still feel bad about my bf at the time!

we dated in high school and a year and a half later he texted me with "hey you may not remember me but I'm (blank) & we dated. I'm making a documentary about dating. Would you be interested in an interview?"

Reached back out to my ex from years ago, only man i was ever inlove with because i knew we never had closure. left my message on "read". was enough to closure for me.

My husband has reached out to exes in the past a handful of times. The worst one was he had a days long conversation with this woman about memories they shared. Also their physical history. He said it was to get her input so he'd have insight into OUR physical relationship. 🤦‍♀️ I don't know what goes through his mind.

I hadn't been with my ex for 10 years. My husband died on a Thursday by suicide and the ex started hitting on me on Monday. BLOCKED

going along with reaching out to exes and making amends, I did that too. We went to lunch and he frankly forgave me for the way I treated him. That was last summer and we dated in 1994.

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